How To Catch
20-30 Salmon per Day

Maybe someday I’ll write a book where I’ll lay out in point by point detail the all the necessary factors to catch more salmon in one day than most people catch in a year. But to lay this all out in detail might take a larger manuscript than even the Bible. There are so many variables and nuances to the art of salmon fishing, it would be like writing a book on how to play golf. You can read all that has been written on the subject, but there is no substitute for experience and raw talent. So I’ll spare you the manuscript on the finer points of salmon fishing, and give you the three steps necessary to catching 20-30 plus salmon per day. I warn you though, it’s pretty insightful stuff. If you miss any of these steps…, the success of your fishing expedition will be in jeopardy. OK, here it is.

Step 1. Go to the right place

Step 2. Go at the right time

Step 3. Go with the right guy

The Right Place

There you have it. Having fished the west coast of North America for the last 30 years has given me a pretty good handle on where to find the best salmon fishing. Of course it’s not limited to just one area, but I do have my favorites. Vancouver Island’s west coast is a super highway for salmon from thousands of rivers and streams from central California to Alaska.

The Right time

Depending on the species of salmon you wish to catch, contact us for best times. Generally, the second half of July through the end of August is prime time for Chinook salmon. August through September is best for Coho or Silver salmon. Contact us for more detailed salmon run analysis for the coming year.

The Right Guy

Often the right guy will have recent pictures of fish on their website. If you see many pictures THAT AREN’T DATED, chances are they are quite a few years old and do not relay the current fishing conditions in the area. We try to post pictures on the fishing reports over the whole summer to let prospective guests see that they have a great chance of getting a well deserved fishing trip.